The Experts Tribe Presents: Coaching To Courses - A Step by Step Blue Print to Create your Coaching Program & The T.R.I.B.E Method to Increase Your Net-Worth through converting other people's Networks into viable customers by Founder Lorene Cowan

Hi, I am Lorene I’m Looking For A Few More Of My DREAM Clients…

Have you ever been asked, "How are you so successful in...?"

“If That’s You… I will PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One To Help You Build Out Your Coaching Program, Gain Traffic, Conversions, And Sales Over The Next 90 Days by Using Your Expertise.

Knowledge is power, and power is money. Use your proven results to make an additional stream of income.

You will achieve this by learning how to borrow other people's audiences and gain the skills to convert them into viable customers so you can quickly expand your business or leave your 9 to 5, to work with the clients you were born to serve, & build a remote business without online ads, and with little to no social media followings to start!"

Who am I?

My name is Lorene Cowan, and I am a Certified Business Coach & Visibility Strategist. I attended Harvard University for my Master’s Degree in Business Management. I coach experts on marketing and sales strategies and trained business owners on how to market and sell their services to their clients.

Since 2006, I have worked with NYC brokerage firms and prominent NYC development companies including SL Greene L&M Dermot and Stellar. I have created marketing and sales strategies in various areas of real estate.

My time working at Lifetime Television in the corporate communications department helped me land numerous media opportunties. I have spoken on tv, radio, podcasts, and panels on topics on entrepreneurship and using other people’s expertise and audiences to grow a business. I have received countless awards for my role as an entrepreneur and I am a member of the Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs and Harvard Alumni Association. I have been featured on Fox, Fox News Radio, CBS, NBC, Entrepreneur, The Network Journal, Local Television, and Local Radio, to name just a few.​

Unlock your dream to own your own business with my Signature One-On-One Coaching to Courses Program

Who Do I Help

I help ambitious experts that are determined to expand their business or leave their 9 to 5 & want to make a meaningful contribution as much as they want to make money by starting their own coaching business in 90 days using their knowledge & expertise.

I Will Help Them By

Giving my clients the framework to create and form a profitable coaching business by borrowing other people's audiences and learning the skills needed to convert those audiences into viable high-paying clients.

The Change I Will Make Is

Helping experts be able to make more impact & more profit in less time by having the necessary tailored strategies to create the business they want & scale it to other services and products ie Course Creation.

As Seen On

What do you get?

3 Months of 1 on 1 Coaching to help you build your coaching program, and gain traffic, conversions, and sales.

Plus a weekly accountability partner ME…

First, we will go through the process of a mind shift change so there is no blockage to achieving your goal. We'll focus on your business and other areas of your life. Why? Because when your life is out of alignment, it will affect how you start and grow your business.

Second, you will receive a list of resources to set up your business with everything you need to get it going.

Third, we will narrow down your niche and who you will serve. We will flesh out the company's mission and vision statement so we can then come up with the coaching topic that will allow you to charge a premium for your expertise. Next, we will create your framework and weekly coaching program objectives for your clients and come up with a name for your coaching program.

Fourth, we will create a lead generation system focusing on borrowing audiences. Get booked on various media platforms to increase your authority, reach new audiences, boost your business, and more.

You will learn the borrowing methodology to turn those audiences into leads. We will capture those leads with a landing page that will convert, which will, in turn, grow your email list, and then you will learn how to close your potential client with a powerful sales enrollment script.

Fifth, we will end with a plan to scale that will allow you to stop being your own bottleneck hence allowing you to grow.

And so much more read below...


For questions that may come up in between sessions.


Is everything you will need to start your business and where to find it.


That will help you create the framework for your coaching business.


After you have built a profitable coaching business and you are ready to scale, I will offer 1 bonus session to discuss your next move.


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Schedule TV Interview, Landing page, Website, Media Kit, Social Media Profile, & Copy.

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